Billionaire Gautam Adani receives approval for redevelopment of Dharavi slums

July 13, 2023: The Adani Group’s proposal to reconstruct the slums of Mumbai’s Dharavi neighbourhood has been accepted by the Maharashtra government. On Thursday, the Eknath Shinde-led administration released the government resolution (GR) in this regard. Dharavi, one of Asia’s largest slums located in the centre of Mumbai, will now be developed by Gautam Adani’s real estate company.

For the 259-hectare Dharavi Redevelopment Project, Adani Group’s Adani Properties had won the top bidder award the previous year. The group would be able to begin working on the project with the help of the GR, which is an official government notification.  The Housing Department has issued a General Order, instructing all other government departments to submit their orders within a week. The conglomerate outbid DLF, which had estimated Rs 2,025 crore, with a bid of Rs 5,069 crore for the redevelopment of one of the biggest slum sprawls in the world.

The project will be one of the largest redevelopments by a government body in India through international tendering, with an estimated cost of over Rs 23,000 crore.

About Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani, a man who does not think small

Indian business tycoon Gautam Adani house in Delhi is a palatial bungalow located in a uber posh locality of Delhi. During a recently held awards function, Gautam Adani, who received the USIBC Global Leadership Award, mentioned that his ports-to-power conglomerate will soon built three Giga factories for manufacturing solar modules, hydrogen electrolyzers, and wind turbines. This project will be a part of the USD 70 billion investment plan in clean energy by 2030. 

Gautam Adani made this announcement weeks after the rival billionaire Mr Mukesh Ambani made an official announcement about the fifth Giga factory as part of an investment in low carbon energy. 

In other news, Gautam Adani recently took to his Twitter account to post a picture from his meeting with the PM of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina in New Delhi. In the caption, Mr Adani praised the Bangladeshi PM for her “inspirational & stunningly bold vision” while expressing his confidence in the successful completion of the transmission line under the Godda Power Project.

A Virtual Tour of Gautam Adani House

We know that Gautam Adani is third richest man of the world, all this makes it pretty evident that Adani will own a lavish property. But does he own one, two or three properties? Let’s check Gautam Adani’s house address, price, Gautam Adani net worth, and learn more about his fascinating journey.

Gautam Adani House: Key Facts and Figures

Name of Gautam Adani houseAdani House
Gautam Adani house address in AhmedabadAdani House, Near Mithakhali Crossing, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009, Gujarat, India
Gautam Adani house address in DelhiLutyens, Near Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi, 110030, Delhi, India
Area of Gautam Adani House in Ahmedabad Unknown
Area of Lutyens bungalow25000 square feet
Estimated price of Adani’s house in LutyensRs 400 crore (Source: ET)
Other properties and assets owned by Gautam AdaniBombardier Challenger 650 and 350, Augusta Westland AW 139 ,Ferrari, the Italian Bull (Lamborghini) and BMW 7 Series
Net worth of Gautam AdaniNet worth of Gautam Adani is 125 billion dollar. He also became World’s second richest man according to Forbes Real-time Billionaires List, but for some time.

Gautam Adani House Address

This billionaire does not own one property, but he has many properties. The exact number of properties is not known. However, Adani owns property in Ahmedabad, a residential and commercial complex. He also holds a bungalow worth muti-crore in the uber posh area of Delhi-Lutyens. 

The exact address of Gautam Adani’s house Ahmedabad is:

Adani House, Near Mithakhali Crossing, 

Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009, Gujarat, India

The address of Gautam Adani house in Delhi is:

Lutyens, Near Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi, 110030, Delhi, India

Another property owned by Mr Adani in Delhi NCR is in Gurgaon, the exact address of which is Plot No. 83, Sector 32, Gurgaon. Apart from these three known addresses, he also owns real estate properties globally including Abbot Point Port of Australia.

Gautam Adani House Price 

The exact figures of the Gautam Adani house price in Ahmedabad are unknown, but surely, it would be worth crores. The residential property prices range between Rs 5,300- Rs 7,400 / sqft in that affluent area. 

Two years back, Gautam Adani became the owner of a spectacular, more than a century-old bungalow in Lutyens, Delhi. The bungalow is spread over 25000 square feet, for which the Adani group has paid Rs 400 crores. We must say that it is quite a bargain deal!

Gautam Adani Houses in Ahmedabad and Delhi

The inside pictures of Gautam Adani house have never surfaced on the internet. However, we have few details about his Ahmedabad bungalow and Delhi bungalow.

Gautam Adani House Ahmedabad

Gautam Adani house in Ahmedabad is situated near a bustling road in Ahmedabad. However, you will find it serene once you enter the lavish property. The home has well-manicured lawns with big trees all around. There are some beautiful open courtyards designed around the Adani bungalow in Ahmedabad. Mr Adani lives with his wife, Priti Adani, son Karan and Jeet Adani, and daughter in law, in this house.

Gautam Adani House Delhi

Two years back, Adani Group-owned by Gautam Adani, became the owner of 3.4 acres of Lutyens bungalow. He bought this palatial bungalow in the uber posh area of Delhi-Lutyens for Rs 400 crore. The house is also known as the showpiece of Lutyens. Bungalow price is considered less for this massive property because it is a prize the company won as part of Aditya Estates’ bankruptcy proceedings. Aditya Estates has been the owner of the property since 1985. However, due to bankruptcy, they had to sell it off. The property was priced at Rs 1000 crore, which came down to Rs 265 crores due to NCLT proceedings. Adani had to pay Rs 135 crore as conversion charges to convert the property from leasehold to freehold.

The stately house is spread over 3.5 acres with a total built-up area of 25,000 square feet. The house has seven bedrooms, six living and dining rooms, and a study room. Also, staff quarters are built over 7000 square feet area. The house is surrounded by lush green lawns, which is the USP of this area. 

Gautam Adani – From a College Dropout to India’s Richest Man 

Gautam Shantilal Adani, 60 years old, is the chairman and founder of Adani Group. The group has emerged as a business player that can be seen in almost every sector. There are different verticals of the group like Resources, Logistics and Energy, and now Aviation too. 

He has become not only India’s Richest Man but also Asia’s Richest Man.  With a worth of USD 9,460 crores, he leaves Mukesh Ambani behind. We must say, Adani’s success is one of its kind.

Gautam Adani is a self-made man. He was born in a Gujrati family to Shantilal Adani and Shanta Adani in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His father was a textile merchant and was not financially well off as his father was the only earning member among a family of 9 people, husband, wife and seven children. Adani’s life story is nothing short of remarkable. 

Adani exhibited entrepreneurial traits at a young age. He dropped out of college in his second year to start working as a diamond sorter in Mumbai. After 2-3 years he started his own diamond brokerage business. And a few years later, he entered the global trade arena when he started working for his brothers – Mahasukh Adani at the plastic factory. He was importing polyvinyl chloride or PVC to India; that was just the first step to becoming a billionaire. 

Gautam Adani – Business Tycoon & Philanthropist

This infrastructure king is living proof of a person who can be farsighted and seize the opportunity. Gautam Adani founded the Adani Group in 1988, a company dealing in power and agricultural products. Later, as and when opportunities knocked on his door, he kept diversifying. Now he is an owner of a conglomerate- power generation and transmission, coal trading and mining, gas distribution, oil and gas exploration, ports, and SEZ. He was part of the new age of the Indian economy from 1991 onwards, which provided him with many opportunities.

In 2019, Adani won bids to manage six domestic airports-Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Jaipur, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram. These airports were being privatized by the Government of India.  

Adani is not only a business tycoon; he is also a philanthropist. Despite his success, he believes in giving back to others. Along with his wife, Priti Adani, a dentist by profession, he is often involved in various community service. They also own the Adani Foundation which works for improving education, community health, rural infrastructure development, sustainable livelihood generation, and more.

Gautam Adani Net Worth

Gautam Adani is currently Asia and India’s Richest man (Gautam Adani net worth). The net worth of the chairman of Adani Group is USD 154.6 Billion Dollars, according to Forbes 2022 list. (Gautam Adani net worth)

Adani Group has pushed itself into Green Energy, and since then, shares of Adani Green Energy in the past three years have surged by 5,500%. The valuation of Adani Green Energy is USD 3.8 billion, which has helped in the group’s significant growth.  

The infrastructure king has an enviable fleet of cars and private jets. He is an owner of a BMW 7 Series, limousine, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a red Ferrari California and more. What’s more, he even owns a fleet of jets! The fleet of aircraft includes the 2009 Bombardier Challenger 605, 2013 Embraer Legacy 650, Hawker 850XP and Agusta Westland AW139 helicopter. 

In August 2022, Gautam Adani entered the coveted ‘Top Three Rich People of the World’ list. Gautam Adani is not only the first Indian but also the first Asian to make it to the list.

Gautam Adani is now the third wealthiest man on planet earth. Owing to the rally in the share prices of his companies, the net worth of Gautam Adani (Gautam Adani Net worth) increased by 5.29 billion dollars. The networth gap between Gautam Adani and Jeff Bezos is only 9 Million dollars now. Gautam Adani beat Bernar Arnault, the Chairman of Louis Vitton to bag the third place.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Gautam Adani net worth reached 143 billion dollars. In 2022 alone, Gautam Adani networth has risen by 66.2 billion dollars. In February 2022, Gautam Adani became the richest man in Asia, surpassing billionaire Mukesh Ambani. In April 2022, Gautam Adani net worth crossed the 100 billion mark. Gautam adani net worth in rupees is nearly nearly Rs 11 lakh crore. The market cap of entire Adani group is now Rs 20 lakh crore.

Gautam Adani Car Collection

Luxury car collection of Mr Adani will leave you stunned. He owns some of the most expensive machines which money can buy. There are eight premium cars in his collection, let us have a look:-

  • Rolls Royce Ghost: Rolls Royce Ghost is a pinnacle of luxury. In the Indian automobile market this car costs a whopping Rs 6.20 crore. It is known for luxurious cabin, convenience, distinct appearance and powerful engine. 
  • BMW Series 7: Many business tycoons and celebrities own BMW cars. Series 7 is a combination of the latest tech and comfort. 
  • Ferrari California: Ferrari California costs around Rs 3 crore in the Indian market. Generally, this beauty is owned by sports enthusiasts.
  • Audi Q7: Audi is also one of the commonly owned cars by celebs and businessmen. Audi Q7 SUV is the pioneer in the automobile market costing above Rs 70 lakh.

Recently,  the world’s richest man has bought white coloured Range Rover costing around Rs 4 crores. 

Adani Group Merger with Wilmar

Adani Wilmar is a joint venture between Adani Enterprises and Wilmar International. Founded in 1999, it is one of largest FMCG companies in India which offers essential kitchen commodity-cooking oil. The company is also one of the leading processors of crude palm oil and importer of edible oils into India. It exports the products to Middle East countries Southeast Asian countries Africa Ukraine and Ghana. 

Adani Wilmar operates in three main categories – edible oil about 83%, packaged food and FMCG and industry essentials offer 5% and 12% to the company’s revenue respectively.

Adani Wilmar holds a strong position in the domestic market. Some of the leading products are wheat, rice, flour, and edible oil.

The company has strong brand recognition in the domestic market and has a leading position in most of its products.

Latest News on Gautam Adani Assets

Recently, Adani Wilmar share price has increased compared to last month. Adani Wilmar share price increased to 841 in April 2022. Word of caution before you invest in Adani Wilmar share- Adani Wilmar share price will  tend to fluctuate during lean and peak seasons and in-turn revenue could also fluctuate. 

Summing Up: Gautam Adani House

Gautam Adani owns various properties across the country. Gautam Adani has houses in Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Gurgaon. All of these are spectacular and aesthetically designed. The journey of the port king to be India’s richest man was not easy; he has struggled to reach this position. He is a man with a vision. He has also had luck on his side. Both these factors led to Gautam Adani buying his Delhi house at a bargain price. He bought a property worth Rs 1000 crore at just Rs 400 crore in the uber posh area of Delhi Lutyens.


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